A thorough online Driving License Check service is provided by Essex Driver Training. This reasonably priced online management tool enables you to manage the driving licences of any employee driving on behalf of your organisation from any location with an internet connection.

Our Driving Licence Check service ensures compliance with rules and demonstrates to the authorities that you have appropriate systems and processes in place to verify that licences are valid and that staff are legally permitted to drive. Having access to an online Driving Licence Check service enables you to conduct real-time verifications to ensure that only authorised drivers are operating your vehicles.

Features and benefits:

Online assistance:

You can use the driving licence check service whenever and wherever you have an online connection. There is no need to instal software, purchase new hardware, or maintain software updates.

Totally compatible with online software:

Single user name and password for tachograph and driving licence compliance management.

On online software, driving licence information is pre-populated from driver card records:

Saves time when creating driver licence records.

Licence Administrator, Licence Manager, and Licence User Roles:

Within your own organisation, you can assign particular personnel the responsibility of verifying driver’s licences and managing compliance.

Summary of all authorised drivers by depot:

Regardless of the driver’s home depot or site, it is possible to see the status of all licenced drivers and the date of the next licencing check.

Risk flag with color-coded visibility:

Each driver can see the risk that has been assigned to them based on the points on their licence.

Configurable risk levels, audit intervals, and messages of warning:

proving that you have evaluated the risk each driver poses to your company and have put measures in place to address that risk.

Banned licence holder:

Operators, acting independently of the DVLA, may impose bans on the drivers who pose the greatest risk for any duration in order to uphold their own internal standards.

Keeping a copy of both sides of the licence card and storing all licence information:

Get quick and simple access to every employee’s licence information.

Status and licence copy requirements:

Keep a note of the employee’s authorization for your request to the DVLA for driver record details.

History of licence checks and any updates to licence information:

Show the authorities that you have systems and procedures in place to ensure staff have the right to drive by offering proof and an audit trail.

Quick Search Feature:

Find specific licences quickly and easily with the search feature.

Fully supported:

Assistance and prompt resolution of any problems you might encounter while using the product.

Fully linked with DVLA:

48-hour verification of the license’s information with DVLA.

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For handling the driver’s licences of each staff member who drives for the company, Essex Driver Training provides extensive web solutions. It will aid in ensuring regulatory compliance and give authorities proof that you have efficient systems and procedures in place to guarantee staff have the right to drive.

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